Is Happiness Essential for a Peaceful Life?

If you want a more peaceful life, it helps to be happy. It’s not an absolute requirement, but it makes it a lot easier. Being happy comes easy for many, but some people have to work at it. If you’re one of the ones who has to work at it, or just if you would … Read more

Laughter – It’s So Good for Your Body!

Some years back a certain beverage industry came up with a slogan: (their product) – it does a body good. Now there has been some controversy over the years as to whether or not that particular beverage was good for the body, and it is not the purpose of this blog post to decide one … Read more

Your Special Relationship can Help with a Peaceful Life

We all want to have a good relationship with our partner. It makes life much more peaceful. But, what if instead of settling for a good relationship, we could have a great relationship? Wouldn’t that be so much better? We were not meant to be alone, so that requires having relationships. Relationships can be really … Read more

What’s in your toolbox?

We all would like a more peaceful life. However, it doesn’t always come naturally. I find I need some tools to help me when times get tricky. My favorite item in my Peaceful Life Toolbox is gratitude. It costs nothing, and has so many benefits. Think for a minute – when was the last time someone … Read more

Stop Blocking Your Peaceful Life

You might be making a more peaceful life harder than it has to be. You surely aren’t doing it on purpose and probably don’t even realize it. Have you ever met a person who just always seems to be making everything more difficult than it needs to be. You probably know a few people like … Read more

Be Intentional to have a Peaceful Life

Living an Intentional Life Living with intention is a very important tool for a more peaceful life. Using our intention to take us through the day keeps us focused, more productive, and aligned with our purpose. What does it mean to live intentionally? Living an intentional life is the opposite of living a life of chance … Read more

Smiling – for a More Peaceful Life

It’s easy enough to smile, but many people aren’t smiling as often as they should. Smiling can do a lot for you, your life gets more peaceful, and it feels great, too. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the reasons why it can help to smile more. Smiling is free and has many … Read more

The Garden Vine Fable

Yesterday I shared with you all about thanksgiving in all we do – a very helpful tool for a more peaceful life. My personal feeling is that you can never have enough gratitude. To help reinforce the idea, today I want to share a cute little fable I found called The Garden Vine – a … Read more

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day Every Day

Don’t you just love Thanksgiving Day? The parades, the football, the food – and all the fun and memories that go with it? Oh, and the best part – the very real reminder to take time to be thankful! Why wait until Thanksgiving, though, to express your gratitude? You have the luxury of living your … Read more

Change Your Perspective for a More Peaceful Life

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? What I mean is, like, stuck in a rut? It may seem like no matter what you try, things just keep on being the same day after day. Nothing ever really changes. It feels like it never will. It’s Definitely not very conducive to a peaceful lifestyle. Don’t … Read more