Are you Reacting or Responding?

Reacting and responding might appear to be synonymous, but that’s not the case. Reacting suggests a lack of thought and consideration. It’s emotional and impulsive. Responding is addressing the situation thoughtfully with consideration. It’s intelligent and keeps the consequences in mind. How many challenges have you created in your life by reacting instead of responding? … Read more

Get in Touch with your Subconscious Mind

Do you have things that you really, really want in your life but can’t seem to obtain? You might think that you want to be wealthy, slender, or to find the person of your dreams. You do all the things in the self-help books, pray, visualize, do affirmations, and even try manifesting. Nothing seems to … Read more

Experience the Joy of Peaceful Living with a Mission Statement

Do you have a mission statement? You may be asking “what’s a mission statement?” According to, a “personal mission statement or personal philosophy is what you feel you would like to become in your life. It is an internal process and needs to come from the core of who you are. There are no … Read more

Get Started on Your Dreams for a Peaceful Life

It’s time to get started on your dreams for a peaceful life – so, what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back from just getting started? Take a moment of truth, be vulnerable with yourself, and consider what is really behind getting started and just doing it. What’s your excuse? Do you ever tell … Read more

Choose to Have a Great Day

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, and some are not so good.  In an average day, a seemingly endless number of unexpected events can occur that might create stress, worry, or frustration. Instead of letting these negative emotions take over, what if you were to make a conscious decision to have a great … Read more

Gaining Focus for a Peaceful Life

If you are anything like me, there are so many distractions going on around me, I sometimes have a hard time staying with the task I’m trying to accomplish. I try to focus, but then it seems an even greater distraction comes along. Wouldn’t you love to live distraction free and have more focus in … Read more

Dreams vs. Goals

Do you remember, as a kid, dreaming about the future? Your mind could be as creative as it wanted to be. There were no limits. As you got older, you may have thought about turning those dreams into something real. If you were truly serious about it, you would turn your dream into a goal. … Read more

Superfoods with a twist!

We’ve all heard about superfoods.  They are the foods that are supposed to be absolutely perfect for us.  Usually they are around for awhile and then they die out from lack of interest, or even worse, they don’t work or may even be dangerous. For many years we have tried to eat healthier in our … Read more

So What is a Peaceful Life Anyway?

I spend a lot of time writing about tools for a peaceful life. There have been several posts about a peaceful life on this blog alone. We talk about meditation, breathing, mindfulness, forgiveness, and many other topics. We talk about the ways to find peace, but we really have never talked about what peace is, … Read more

Focus – Sunday Serenities Affirmations

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week Each week we will be sharing a new affirmation.  The introductory information will remain the same, but if you are new to affirmations, please check out the first two sections on “What is an Affirmation?” and  “How to Practice Your Affirmation.” If you regularly read … Read more