Gratitude and Emotions

Emotions can disrupt your peace in many ways, but you don’t have to let them. You can learn to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and release them in positive ways, so they don’t cause you stress and harm. One of the best ways to improve your health and handle your emotions is by expressing … Read more

25 Reasons to be Thankful this Season

A thankful life is one of the most important keys to a peaceful life. I encourage all my readers and clients to get a gratitude journal and to write three things for which they are thankful every morning when they wake up. The rule is that you can write anything you want, but you cannot write … Read more

You can be Grateful even in an Ungrateful World

The world today is full of uncertainties and challenges, and sometimes the last thing that we want to do is to say “thank you”. With the hardships, turmoil, difficulties and problems that people are facing, it becomes even harder to see the good side of the world. Things become so irrational and unpredictable. The world … Read more

Say Thanks for a Peaceful Life

Saying thank you is one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox for a more peaceful life. Think about the last time someone told you thank you. It doesn’t matter the reason – maybe it was for a gift, a service, or a kind word. How did it make you feel? It’s so important … Read more

Affirming is Important

If you’ve ever followed my blog on Sundays you know I am big on affirmations. I want to share this article with you today. I did not write it, it was written by a friend who would prefer to remain anonymous. I hope you enjoy it: – – – – – – What do you … Read more

Say Thank You

For my followers on, you may recognize this from a post done in August of 2017.  I thought the message was worth sharing here as well. Say thank you every morning  Today I want to share with you one of the tools that has helped me the most on my adventure from Chaos to … Read more

The Garden Vine Fable

Yesterday I shared with you all about thanksgiving in all we do – a very helpful tool for a more peaceful life. My personal feeling is that you can never have enough gratitude. To help reinforce the idea, today I want to share a cute little fable I found called The Garden Vine – a … Read more

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day Every Day

Don’t you just love Thanksgiving Day? The parades, the football, the food – and all the fun and memories that go with it? Oh, and the best part – the very real reminder to take time to be thankful! Why wait until Thanksgiving, though, to express your gratitude? You have the luxury of living your … Read more

You Already Have It

There‘s so much emphasis on getting ahead, being successful and striving for change in today’s world. Listening to this message can really disrupt a peaceful life, and make it difficult to remember that you already have so much for which to be grateful. The constant pushing to change your circumstances so you can meet those … Read more

Gratitude Enhances Your Life

Gratitude is such an important tool for a peaceful life. Not only does it make your life more peaceful, it also enhances your life in many other ways. Abundance surrounds us all – especially those of us that live in North America. Regardless of our stations in life, there are many things that come into … Read more