Compliments and Your Peaceful Life

Having a peaceful life is something we all strive for. One way to do that is to live by the “Golden Rule.” Treat people the way you would like to be treated. What does that have to do with complimenting others? I’m so glad you asked. Don’t you love to receive compliments? It’s so validating … Read more

Yes, You Really Can Make It Through Family Holiday Visits

Family holiday visits are something most of us either love or hate. When family gets together, memories abound – both good and not so good. However, there is something a little different about extended family – especially those on your mate’s side of the family. You know who I’m talking about – “the in-laws.” There … Read more

Making Time for your Family and Friends

Does it seem like you never have enough time for your friends and family? Don’t despair – you’re certainly not alone. The world is full of obligations and distractions that, if we allow it, seem to take every available minute of our time. However, there’s always a way if you’re willing to examine your life … Read more