Is Energy Healing Legit?

Energy Healing

The idea behind energy healing is pretty simple: we all made of energy, and that energy can be used to make us feel better. It’s a little bit like when you feel down and then someone gives you a big hug and suddenly, you feel better. But it works the other way too—when you’re happy, your energy sends more happiness into the world.

It’s a pretty cool concept, right?

I think so too! And it’s something that anyone can do on a very basic level. You don’t have to be special or an expert; all you have to do is take some time every day to breathe deeply and focus on things that make you smile. You can even try visualizing yourself as a ball of light with positive energy flowing out of your body into the world around you.

That’s what I’m going to do today—I’ll be taking a few minutes to just breathe and focus. As I think about the things that make me smile, I will also give thanks to our Creator. Gratitude multiplies the positive effects. Let me know what happens when YOU try it!

What about Other Types of Energy Healing?

There are many practices that people call energy healing – some legit, and some not so much. I believe that energy work can be very effective, or very dangerous, depending on the way you use it. For me, I rely on the healing energy of our Creator in my practice. Knowing where the energy is coming from is essential.

Your energy is very precious. If you use an energy practitioner, be sure your beliefs and values align. You don’t want someone with a hidden agenda or worse getting into your space. Never be afraid to check them out before making an appointment. Look at their social media, read some of their writings, look for testimonials, and even check out references if you want to hear others’ experiences.

As a holistic energy practitioner, I use many different modalities. A few of my favorites are the emotion code, the body code, and the AoScan. Each has its own benefits, and I’d love to introduce them to you in a future blog post. If you’d like to learn more before then, leave me a comment, or visit my scheduling page to set up a free chat.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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