How to Discover Purpose in Your Life and Avoid Boredom

If you want to have a more peaceful life, it is important that you discover, understand, and live out your life’s purpose.  Without a true sense of purpose you may feel like you’re just going from one day to the next, without really loving or hating it. You may find yourself mindlessly going through the … Read more

How Regular People Find Their Purpose

Find Your Purpose to Find Your Joy Here’s another tool for a more peaceful life – I hope you find it to be helpful on your journey. Maybe finding your life purpose is easy if you have special gifts like Picasso or Einstein. On the other hand, if you’re way past 21 and still asking … Read more

Living an Intentional Life for a More Peaceful Life

Living an Intentional Life Living with intention is a very important tool for a more peaceful life. Using our intention to take us through the day keeps us focused, more productive, and aligned with our purpose. What does it mean to live intentionally? Living an intentional life is the opposite of living a life of … Read more

Self Talk Your Way to a More Peaceful Life

Today’s Tool for a more Peaceful Life – Self Talk! Do you ever talk to yourself?  I know I do.  How does it sound?  Is it loving, kind, and uplifting – or is it harsh, critical, and condescending. Be careful what you tell yourself.  You’ll see why in a bit First thing to remember – … Read more

Do you ever doubt yourself?

Here’s some wise advice from a friend: Doubting yourself is natural. Being afraid is normal. But letting the fear stop you, that’s a choice. Doubting yourself, being scared, and constantly questioning yourself in your mind is completely normal. I doubt myself all the time. There are times where I question everything and wonder if what … Read more

About me

Welcome to my story – I am Sue Pine, the owner of Serenities Now LLC, helping people find their purpose and find their joy. I specialize in holistic stress coaching, wellness practices, the body code, aromatherapy, Christian based yoga, and am a certified life coach. My passion is helping others release their emotional baggage, reduce … Read more