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Welcome to my story – I am Sue Pine, the owner of Serenities Now LLC, helping people find their purpose and find their joy. I specialize in holistic stress coaching, wellness practices, the body code, aromatherapy, Christian based yoga, and am a certified life coach. My passion is helping others release their emotional baggage, reduce and manage their stress, and empower them to think more clearly, set a plan, and live the life they desire.


So, how did I get here? I wasn’t always a peaceful person, in fact I was quite the opposite.

You may be asking, “what does she know about finding my happiness, anyway?” Well – I’ve been there – and here’s the condensed version of my story. After being labeled “difficult” as a child I rebelled. Life was challenging on my best days. It took several years to get back on track. Then I joined the Air Force, taught computer maintenance at Keesler AFB, got married, became a mom to two amazing sons, after some trying times became a single mom, dabbled in a few businesses, and finally settled down and worked in the steel industry for 31 years.

The last few years at my day job began to wear on me. I started asking the same hard questions – what is this feeling that something is just not right? Why am I really here? What do I really want in my life? After all, I just wanted to be happy and at peace – right?

After some deep soul searching, I found my answers and I’d love to help you find yours!



The reason I do this is to help people find their peace as easily as possible. There’s no need to relive every painful memory or difficult moment just to be able to move on . You can find peace with just a few simple tools and I’m here to share them with you



It is my hope that you will find the tools you need for your journey here.

If you ever need someone to chat or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Sue Pine

Serenities Now LLC

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