Find your purpose for a more Peaceful Life

Today let’s explore what may be the single most important tools for a peaceful life. It starts as a yes or no question, and there is not right or wrong answer. You just need to be open to considering what to do with your answer. Here’s the billion dollar question: Do you understand the purpose … Read more

Turn Off the Television this Weekend

How much time do you spend watching television? According to the A.C. Nielsen Company, the average American watches more than four hours each day (or twenty eight hours a week, or when added up – two months of per year). In a sixty five year life, that person will have spent nine of those years … Read more

Stress and the Importance of Sleep – part 1

Sadly, stress is part of life. At some point, everyone experiences stress. Physical, emotional and other types of stress take their toll on our minds and bodies. That’s one of the reasons sleep is so important. Sleep is can help us manage our stress. Our bodies use sleep to restore and recover. While we sleep … Read more