You Already Have It

There‘s so much emphasis on getting ahead, being successful and striving for change in today’s world. Listening to this message can really disrupt a peaceful life, and make it difficult to remember that you already have so much for which to be grateful. The constant pushing to change your circumstances so you can meet those … Read more

Get in Touch with your Subconscious Mind

Do you have things that you really, really want in your life but can’t seem to obtain? You might think that you want to be wealthy, slender, or to find the person of your dreams. You do all the things in the self-help books, pray, visualize, do affirmations, and even try manifesting. Nothing seems to … Read more

Little Things Can Affect Your Mood in Big Ways

We tend to notice how big things affect our mood. Taking a vacation to Hawaii, marriage, divorce, death, and serious financial issues are life changing and can really affect us in a positive or negative way. However, small things also impact your mood, and the small things happen more frequently. Understanding the small, day-to-day experiences … Read more

Experience the Joy of Peaceful Living with a Mission Statement

Do you have a mission statement? You may be asking “what’s a mission statement?” According to, a “personal mission statement or personal philosophy is what you feel you would like to become in your life. It is an internal process and needs to come from the core of who you are. There are no … Read more

Live a Peaceful Life while Everyone Else is Losing Their Mind

Have you ever noticed that some people stay calm under pressure much better than others? No matter what seems to be happening, they are always in a state of peace. Nothing really ruffles their feathers. Does that describe you? If not, no worries. Read on for some techniques to help you get there. Everyone has … Read more

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week Each week we will be sharing a new affirmation.  The introductory information will remain the same, but if you are new to affirmations, please check out the first two sections on “What is an Affirmation?” and  “How to Practice Your Affirmation.” If you regularly read … Read more

Give Yourself this Gift for a Peaceful Life

Are you looking for a more peaceful life?  You may be surprised to know that there is a gift you can give yourself that will instantly make your life more peaceful.  The best part is that it will not cost you any money at all.  You may have to pay in a different way, though. What is this … Read more

Gratitude: Take Time to Reflect

Sometimes people get so caught up in the busyness of their lives that they get a type of tunnel vision.  This tunnel vision limits their ability to see what is going on outside their own little world, and they often miss out on the activity that is happening around them.   You’re so busy going … Read more

Foods that help with a more peaceful life

Have you been feeling anxious lately? If so, you’re not alone. Anxiety is a wide-spread issue that affects millions of people every day. The symptoms can vary from feeling jittery, cold sweats to grinding teeth. However, most people agree that, regardless of how anxiety makes them feel, it’s never a good experience. Studies suggest that … Read more

Get a Makeover for a Peaceful Life

We all have have an innate desire, whether we realize it or not, to be the person we were created to be.  We try various ways to get there – some work, some not so much.  Until we find that purpose, we will continue to feel unsettled, and a peaceful life will not be an easy … Read more