Gratitude: Take Time to Reflect

Sometimes people get so caught up in the busyness of their lives that they get a type of tunnel vision.  This tunnel vision limits their ability to see what is going on outside their own little world, and they often miss out on the activity that is happening around them.   You’re so busy going … Read more

Get a Makeover for a Peaceful Life

We all have have an innate desire, whether we realize it or not, to be the person we were created to be.  We try various ways to get there – some work, some not so much.  Until we find that purpose, we will continue to feel unsettled, and a peaceful life will not be an easy … Read more

Feel Gratitude in Challenging Times for a Peaceful Life

Every life has its challenges, some more than others. Each person is tasked with a purpose for their life and depending on what it is, how they approach it, and the circumstances of their day to day lives the challenges may be easy or they may be truly difficult. I was always told that people … Read more

Express Feelings with Gratitude for a Peaceful Life

A special thank you to W. Felderman for this insightful post on maintaining a more peaceful life.  Pay close attention to how trying to bury your emotions can really be harmful.  I’m reading a book by Karol K. Truman titled Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  There is a statement in the first chapter that says, … Read more

It’s okay to be Flawsome

Flawsome – you may never have heard that term before, but it is a perfectly good way to describe the way I feel many days. I know I am flawed, but I also know that I am a daughter of the Creation, so that makes me awesome. Flawsome – a combination of flawed and awesome. … Read more

Homemade Appreciation for a More Peaceful Life

Think back to when you were a child in elementary school, and you got to go to art class.  You did “art projects” and sometimes, you even made gifts for holidays.  I remember making cute doily looking picture frames for Mother’s Day and popsicle stick frames for Father’s Day, and getting some goofy looking photo … Read more

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week Each week we will be sharing a new affirmation.  The introductory information will remain the same, but if you are new to affirmations, please check out the first two sections on “What is an Affirmation?” and  “How to Practice Your Affirmation.” If you regularly read … Read more

Five Indicators of a True Friendship

Thank you, W Felderman for filling in the past few days – your posts have been great!  I should be back tomorrow. Five Indicators of a True Friendship You’ve probably realized that friends come and go. In some cases, your interests change as you get older. In other cases, something happens that forces you to … Read more

Swapping Skills: Benefit by Trading Your Experience

Thank you to W. Fielderman for the guest post: Swapping Skills: Benefit by Trading Your Experience With Others One wonderful thing about life is that each of us has our own unique skills and areas of expertise. Maybe you bake better than anyone you know and you can wash a car in 45 minutes flat. … Read more

Choose to Have a Great Day

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, and some are not so good.  In an average day, a seemingly endless number of unexpected events can occur that might create stress, worry, or frustration. Instead of letting these negative emotions take over, what if you were to make a conscious decision to have a great … Read more