Try Some Gratitude for a New Attitude

We all know by now that stress and emotional overload can make it difficult to live a more peaceful life.  It also affects our over all attitude towards ourself, our life, and others around us. An article by the National Institute of Mental Health says, “Coping with the impact of chronic stress can be challenging. … Read more

Having a Tough Day? Change it!

It’s wonderful to wake up every morning and be excited for the day.  Expect the best, attract the positive, life will be grand.  However, in reality, some days are better than others.  Let’s face it, life happens. So what do we do when it’s not our favorite day?  We have to change our routine, reschedule important … Read more

Adjust Your Attitude Today for a Peaceful Life Tomorrow

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I think it’s time for an attitude adjustment” to someone, or about themselves? It may have even been about you! You’re attitude affects you and everyone around you. Here’s a tough question – Is that a good thing? Do you feel like your life could be happier? If so, … Read more

Get a Makeover for a Peaceful Life

We all have have an innate desire, whether we realize it or not, to be the person we were created to be.  We try various ways to get there – some work, some not so much.  Until we find that purpose, we will continue to feel unsettled, and a peaceful life will not be an easy … Read more

Advantages of a Positive Attitude

Life can get challenging and It can be easy to allow yourself to have a negative attitude. However, a positive attitude can change everything. A positive attitude is considered by many experts to be the best predictor of success. Nothing else can impact your success. A good attitude can be difficult to maintain when faced … Read more