What Can Happen When Ditch the TV

It seems like almost everyone watches at least a few hours of television every day and some even more on the weekends. Think of all the things you could accomplish if you devoted those hours to your dreams instead!

We all are looking for a little down time, a chance to relax after a long day, or a break from reality on the weekend. That turning on the televisionis so easy, so for many of us it’s a convenient outlet.

With a minimal amount of effort, your mind can be occupied for hours and the time just flies by. Did you know that there was a study done that showed watching television takes less energy than taking a nap? It’s easier to binge watch – but when you surrender those hours to the television, you surrender precious time to take care of yourself and work toward your dreams.

Give up your television time and you can change your life.

Did you know that many very successful people don’t even own a TV? And many of those who do, rarely or never watch it. If you take a break from watching television for a month, these benefits are some of the great things you’ll notice:

For starters, you’ll probably find you get a lot more done. You’ll be amazed how much free time you have to get things accomplished! Imagine adding a couple of extra hours every day. You have a lot more free time than you probably think. Use that time wisely and you might even run out of chores to do and have more time for leisure.

Your life may just become more meaningful. If you spend your former binge watching time doing things with other people instead of with the imaginary characters on the television, your life is bound to be more satisfying. Go out with your friends. Do something with your family. Be social. Having a meaningful life is a big step towards being happy.

You’ll probably lose some weight. Watching television for hours at a time has never done anything positive for anyone’s waistline. Consider how much you tend to nibble while sitting there. When you’re engaged in an activity instead of mindlessly munching in front of the television, your physical activity will be improved. You’ll definitely avoid the mindlessness, not to mention that eating at the same time you are using your hands for something else is quite inconvenient.

You’ll grow as a person. When experiencing things firsthand, you grow most significantly. Watching a movie about modern man travelling back in time to battle dinosaurs might be entertaining, but that shouldn’t be enough for you. Life is short; do you really want to spend it watching television?

Your stress levels may go down. Depending on the type of movies, show, and news programs you watch your stress levels will eventually match the media. I agree it is important to stay up with current events, but you can read about them, and be selective of what you let into your brain. Make the choice about what you allow, and choose things that are uplifting, educational, and motivational.

You can clarify and conquer your challenges. Watching television is a great way to distract your mind from your challenges. Without it, you’ll have to confront them head-on because there are fewer places to hide now. But this is a good thing!

When forced to deal with your challenges, your busy mind finds ways to minimize and then overcome them. Just be sure to actually engage with them instead of turning to another distraction. Pick one thing to work on each day. Take small steps (remember eating the elephant?). Most challenges seem to disappear faster than you might guess.

You can become better over all – think healthy, wealthy, and wise. Imagine if each day (or even each week!) you spent an hour exercising, an hour working on becoming wealthy, and an hour reading something worthwhile. What would your body, bank account, and life look like one year from now? What would they look like after a year if you just continued watching television three hours a day?  As you can see, a few hours a day can really make a difference quickly!

Yes, watching some television can be useful and educational at times. But far too many people use it as a means of escape and convenience. Your life will improve dramatically if you choose to take that time and spend it on things that will either improve your life or give it more meaning.

See if you can make it for thirty days and then decide for yourself. You can last thirty days, right? If not, take it a week at a time. At the very least, cut back to a certain amount of time each day. Say, an hour or less. To fill your time, choose activities that sound fun to you. Before you know it, you’ll have more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. You can do it!

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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