Coming Soon: Tools for a Peaceful Life

Do you remember learning multiplication as a child? I really struggled with some of the times tables, but some of them just made perfect sense. I obviously practiced the ones I liked because they made me feel smarter. That’s kind of how life works. “All things multiply themselves. Worry multiplies reasons to worry. Fear multiplies … Read more

Superfoods with a twist!

We’ve all heard about superfoods.  They are the foods that are supposed to be absolutely perfect for us.  Usually they are around for awhile and then they die out from lack of interest, or even worse, they don’t work or may even be dangerous. For many years we have tried to eat healthier in our … Read more

Real Health for a Peaceful Life

What does it mean to you to be healthy? For most people it just means not being sick or having any chronic conditions that can’t be controlled with maintenance medications. Some people just consider good health to be the opposite of poor health – the absence of sickness. Take a moment though to consider another … Read more

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money for Quality Life

What does it mean to have a positive quality of life? If you feel contentment and personal satisfaction with the way you spend your time, your career, and those you have in your life, you’re likely living a quality life. But if you feel kind of ho-hum about your daily existence, you can choose to … Read more