Good health and gracious giving for a peaceful life

We often say we want a more meaningful life. We want to know why we are here. We question what it means to have a good life and to fulfill our purpose – the reason we are here at this place, at this time. We are looking for answers to bring us peace. One answer … Read more

How to Attract More Positivity into Your Life

Through the Law of Attraction, it is said like attracts like. What you think about, you bring about. We are like human magnets when it comes to our thoughts. If we have positive thoughts, we attract positive things. In order to have more positive people in our lives, we need to invite them in. You may … Read more

Live Intentionally

Intentional Living is another great resource for your collection of tools for a peaceful life What does intentional living mean? Well to understand intentional living, it helps to understand the definition. Intentional comes from the word intend, which, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says in its Collegiate Definition that Intend means: transitive verb 1 a: to … Read more

Organics for a Peaceful LIfe

Most people associate having a peaceful life with getting rid of the things that stress them out. In a nutshell, that is a pretty good definition. However, what many don’t realize is that the quality of the food you eat can have a major impact on your peace. If you feel good, you will find … Read more

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money

You may be saying – everybody needs money. That’s true, but you don’t need a lot if you are looking for a positive, more peaceful quality of life.  So then, what does it mean to have a positive quality of life? If you feel contentment and personal satisfaction with the way you spend your time, … Read more

Does Emotional Baggage Disrupt Your Peace?

Have you ever felt frustrated about a situation that later you realized should have never bothered you at all? Do you have low motivation, feel like no one listens to you, or just feel unhappy for no particular reason?  Any or all of these could be caused by trapped emotions. Doctor Bradley Nelson wrote in … Read more

Real Health for a Peaceful Life

What does it mean to you to be healthy? For most people it just means not being sick or having any chronic conditions that can’t be controlled with maintenance medications. Some people just consider good health to be the opposite of poor health – the absence of sickness. Take a moment though to consider another … Read more