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When I was a child I loved going to magic shows. It was an extra special treat if you had a magician come to your school for an assembly, or your friend had one come to their birthday party. We would be awed by the illusions. Our imaginations would run wild. Those were good times.

You may have noticed that with all the special effects, video editing, and cynicism nowadays people don’t really get all that excited about your standard magic shows. If I think about it, I get a bit sad that the kids of today don’t get to experience the wonder.

Fortunately, there are many ways to feel enchanted even when you’re a grown up with a family and a full-time job. Try these tips for simple changes you can make to create a more magical daily life.

Change Your Thinking:

  1. Be positive. Studies show that optimists are more attractive to others, enjoy better health, have more abundance, and may even live longer. Looking on the bright side is obviously strong magic.
  2. Be grateful. Being appreciative is also a sure-fire way to experience more happiness and success. I know I say this a lot, but create a gratitude journal and write in it each morning when you first wake up or each night before you go to bed with all the wonderful things that happen each day.
  3. Be forgiving. Lighten your load by letting go of any past resentments and disappointments. If you need help, write a letter about what or who you need to forgive, then tear it to tiny shreds or burn it when you are done. One important note – be sure to extend that forgiveness to yourself as well. Sometimes that is the hardest part of forgiving.
  4. Be Confident. You are awesome. You have talents and gifts no other person has. Keep reminding yourself of this and you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagined. You just need to believe in yourself and your abilities. Challenge any self-imposed limitations and take sensible risks. Only allow positive self talk in your life. There’s no reason to do otherwise.

Change Your Actions:

  1. Smile more. Smiling makes you and the people around you feel better. A pleasant facial expression boosts your mood and makes you more attractive and approachable. You’ll soon notice your smiles being returned and you will notice even more things to smile about.
  2. Slow down. It’s difficult to notice the magic around you when you’re in a rush. Lighten your workload by eliminating unnecessary tasks. Take frequent breaks while you’re working so you can refresh your mind and restore your energy. Give yourself time to unwind at the end of the day.
  3. Play like a child again. Believing in magic seems to come naturally when we’re young. Play with your kids. Let your children remind you about what it was like to believe in Santa Claus and monsters under the bed. Blow bubbles on the porch on a summer day. Experience and remember.
  4. Get out in nature. Observe the beauty of God’s creation and spend time outdoors. You can’t help but marvel at the world. If you aren’t into hiking or traveling, enjoy nature at home. Start a vegetable garden or go hiking in your local metro park on the weekend.
  5. Dress up. Taking care of your outside can affect how you feel on the inside. Notice how you feel when you wear a new coat or get a fresh new hair cut or style. Get creative with what you wear, and wear what makes you feel good – don’t worry about what others are thinking.
  6. Add color. Yellow may be the color most closely associated with happiness, but any hue you like can have a positive psychological impact. Paint your kitchen green or buy a purple plant for your desk. Wear bright things. Enjoy the rainbow.
  7. Listen to music. A cheerful song can transform your day. Put together a playlist that will make exercising and housework seem like fun.
  8. Give generously. Sharing your time, talents, and resources with others makes you feel like you have more than when you started. Volunteer in your community and share random kindnesses or give gifts even when there’s no special occasion. It feels good to give.
  9. Continue learning. Acquiring new knowledge and skills shows you how vast your potential to grow is. Sign up for adult education classes at a local community center or university, or take a course online. The more we learn, the sharper our brain becomes. Don’t just go for the serious stuff, pick something fun, too!
  10. Travel. Plan time to get out and explore – expand your horizons. Depending on your budget, there are lots of options. Whether you dream about taking a world cruise, or you prefer a camping trip in a national park, there are many price ranges from surprisingly affordable to one the top.

    If you are concerned about finances, start a “vacation account” and put a little aside regularly. You could skip the restaurant meal and put the money in the vacation account. Think about the non-essentials we spend money on – drive through windows, coffee, books that could be borrowed from the library – get creative. If you don’t want to save for long term trips, look at smaller things. Take day trips, find new places close by. Travel can be expanding without being expensive.

  11. Change it up. Any variation in your routine can pull you out of a rut and stimulate your senses. Spend this weekend doing something you’ve been wanting to try, like baking sourdough bread or playing pickle ball.

There are no limitations on magic. You can just look around and find your own magic in the everyday miracles of life. Take the time to notice the small miracles that happen each day and surround yourself with love and support.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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