Superfoods with a twist!

We’ve all heard about superfoods.  They are the foods that are supposed to be absolutely perfect for us.  Usually they are around for awhile and then they die out from lack of interest, or even worse, they don’t work or may even be dangerous.

For many years we have tried to eat healthier in our family. I have learned that even if something claims to be organic we can’t be sure it’s fully organic. Unless  it is something we have grown ourselves, we can’t be 100% sure how or where the product was actually grown. Even my favorite coffees are suspect!

Over the years, our farms have been struggling to keep up with demand.  They have to plant frequently, and don’t have the opportunity to rotate their crops and maintain healthy solid. That means the majority of our farm produced foods don’t have the same amount of nutrients that they use to 100 years ago.

Bottom line, unfortunately, is that we are not getting the nutrients we need from our foods.  We are also getting a lot of chemicals, toxins, and other environmental hazards that make their way into our food supply.  Even a few of my favorite types of superfoods are becoming contaminated because of the environment in which they are grown.

Today I want to share with you about some of my absolutely favorite superfoods that have stood the test for the past seven years in Europe and are now being brought to North America so we can enjoy the benefits here in the United States, Mexico, and Canada,  What makes these unique is they have found a way to harvest pure product that is totally protected from environmental hazards.  The other plus (for me) is they also have some excellent coffee!

I’ll start by sharing their story, written in their own words:

“Sometimes the greatest achievements are born from the seeds of our greatest adversities. And such is the case of the biotech firm that evolved into Xelliss. The birth of the company can be traced back to the chilling accident back in 1986 at the Chernobyl power plant in the former Soviet Union…

“After the reactor accident, many children who suffered from radiation-related illnesses were treated with products developed from algae. Intrigued by this knowledge, entrepreneur Eric Masson began researching algae with his close friend Jean-Michel Larré. Algae (and its vital active principles chlorophyll, spirulina, and phycocyanin) offers some of the most potent nutritional properties in all of nature.

“A certain species of algae has been con- sumed by coastal cultures for centuries because of its ability to support the im- mune system. Chlorophyll in algae helps neutralize pollutants, and to clean and oxygenate your blood. Spirulina is often used to feed malnourished children because it contains all the micronutrients necessary for the body. And phycocyanin from spirulina, is revered by elite athletes and may just be the most potent super- food in the world.

“Because of this knowledge, in 2014 Eric and Jean-Michel formed a company to research how algae, virtual farming, and biotechnology could be utilized to create safe, healthy, and natural products.

“Operations whiz Jimmy Wan was brought in to handle logistics and charged with building out the infrastructure to expand that vision around the world. Xelliss pioneered using patented photobioreactor technology for vertical farming of algae. Now the company is recognized as the world’s premier algae-based nutrition company.”

So that is the Xelliss story, and while I don’t usually promote individual companies (with the exception of two others which we can talk about another time), when I find something worth sharing that is going to help change peoples’ health and lives for the better, I just can’t keep quiet about it.

I became a distributor for Xelliss just a few weeks ago.  I love their culture = they sincerely want to do things the right way and improve the lives of anyone involved with their products.  They have a small product line, but extremely effective.

I have tried one product in particular that has really helped me with my workouts.  I’ve shared before that I’m not a big fan of exercise, but using the PhycoSci EXTREME! I’ve been able to stretch my cycle times from a mere (and grudging) twenty minutes to an easily attained hour or more!  This product is phycocyanin packed in individual nutrient-packed sachets, making it convenient to take them anywhere. Throw them in your gym bag, take to yoga class, or even bring along on your marathons and triathlons. I’m planning to try the remaining products, but this one is a keeper.

One thing about their sports products that I really like is they advertise them as NO DOPING: The dietary supplements are “recognized by the independent Sport Protect certification, which guarantees athletes a formidable workout aid, without the risk of inadvertent doping. In compliance with the anti-doping standard NF V94-001 and SPORT PROTECT program. Guaranteed by a third party and independent body. sport-protect.”

That lets me know they are doing the right thing for their athlete customers.  There is also PhycoSci SPORT which helps athletes with their stamina and helps with the lactic acid issues ofte brought on by strenuous training.

There are a few other products that you can look at online.  These in the photo on the left are next on my list of must haves, not to mention the MicorBiome which is totally great for gut health.  If you would like to check them out, please take a look around my Xelliss store.

For any of my new customers, who sign up with an account, I have a limited time offer going on where you can buy $50 worth of product and receive a free energy session worth $50!  All you need to do is place an order online – be sure you are shopping with Sue Pine – and then either email me or leave a comment and I will send you a link for your free session.  If you enroll with a monthly order of $50 or more, not only will you get a special discount as a Xelliss Privelege customer, I will also give you up to three free session – one each month for you first three months of autoship!

If you are interested in the business side of Xelliss, this is an excellent time to join.  You can also join as a distributor through my store link and I will honor the limited time offer for up to three months for new distributors.

I know I usually don’t promote products and companies often on my blogs, but like I said earlier, when I find something worth sharing that is going to help change peoples’ health and lives for the better, I just can’t keep quiet about it.  I hope you decide to join me in this wonderful journey to better health.

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23 thoughts on “Superfoods with a twist!”

  1. Hi there,

    I enjoyed reading your article on superfoods. I know that many of the foods we consume today are not as nutritious as they should be. I have researched tons about foods myself as I have had issues with losing weight for many years. I have gained and lost considerable amounts of weight so many times, and I have suffered from inflammation so much, I have forced myself yet again to start a clean diet to feel healthier and finally lose the weight.

    I have seen the ingredients spirulina and chlorophyll in many green veggie powders and, of course, have learned of them as I have researched healthy foods.

    Your article is very informative, and I will most probably give the product a try.

    Thank you. Nyny

    • Hi Nyny – thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve personally struggled with weight my entire life until I found energy healing through the Emotion Code.  This month I am offering a free energy session for new superfood customers. Let me know if you decide to try the products and we can set up your session. 

  2. Hi Sue. It is indeed sad that gonna those days where we use to munch more on natural foods especially the nutrient-dense (or rich) foods commonly known as superfoods as you rightly put it since they heartily improve our healthy life, today, almost everything is getting artificial and we need to pass through the eyes of a needle to eat organic food.

    I am glad you found some beak through on some of the foods that are manufactured free of environmental hazards. Even in Africa which is considered the Green continent, most foods are artificially fertilized as forests are deforested mainly by burning which may be thought to wipe out natural manures.

    I am also amazed that species of algae are beneficial to our immune system and their chlorophyll serving as cleaning agents and oxygenating our blood is indeed a great discovery to the healthy lives of humans. I wish to ask, Is mushroom among these species of algae? Because it is widely consumed in Africa.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 

      According to WebMD, (…  ) Mushrooms are a low-calorie food that packs a nutritional punch. Loaded with many health-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they’ve long been recognized as an important part of any diet.

  3. Hi Sue, Thanks for you article on this super food. I have friends and relatives that use chlorophyll, and spirulina. How does this super food differ from spirulina? It is great to find a way to build up your body to a healthy state, where sickness and disease are not a problem. I look forward to hearing more about this product.

    • Hi Carolyn – the superfoods in my article are a purer form of Blue Green algae than the standard forms you normally find.  Xelliss has developed cutting-edge technology to manufacture their own micro-algae, with extraordinary benefits for cellular health. Due to their cultivation in photobioreactors, an award winning state of the art process which has been patented, they guarantee a product of exceptionally high quality consistently all throughout the year. Thank you for asking and thanks for your comment. 

  4. Good article about natural superfoods. I am quite interested and into this segment myself. I have used and been using several like Spirulina, Green Coffee and Chaga mushroom and they are a great addition to my diet.

    I have started to study the native plants in my country that have such properties as they are easily accessible and add so much value to a healthy lifestyle. 

    The productive/label you are describing in your article is interesting, but I got the impression that you have just started using the product you describe for two weeks and are wondering if the benefits you are experiencing is real or just the mindset, expected effect, that is causing your improved results. 

    Normally such effects take a bit of time to accumulate before you experience a real noticeable effect. That being said, beetroot gives almost immediate effect in a significant increase in the utilization of oxygen, and as such much better performance in sports and similar.

    Thank you for sharing. It is worth to take time and learn more about the label and the product in your article.


  5. Hello Sue, I read your article about superior, and I enjoy reading and learning from it. I agree about algae nutritional value and its benefits. Every nutrition expert highly recommends spirulina as a supplement. Your offer to join the Xelliss company as a distributor is really good. I’m not ready to start this kind of activity but if I decide to be part, I’ll contact you. These products are some of the best to sell our days. 

    Thank you for sharing


  6. I appreciate this information on superfoods. I also have eaten healthier over the years and am careful in researching what is or isn’t organic. I have never heard of Xellis before. I will check them out. I have tried various natural products over the years and today use a select group but I am always open to new offerings. Thanks for sharing this and I will save your web page on this.

  7. Hello there! This has been an informative read. I feel like super foods have become quite popular these days especially with how big the health trend has grown. I agree that some organic foods aren’t what they really are and the best way is to guarantee “organic foods” is grow your own foods. I have heard of the benefits of consuming spirulina but haven’t tried it as much as I should. Probably might try it in the near future. Thanks for creating this post!

  8. In this world today, it is difficult to believe what is good and what is not when it comes to nutrition. Most of the time, I don’t think we know what we are consuming as there are so many additives, pesticides etc in the way food is grown and as you say “organic” comes to question – is it really and fully? There is contamination in the atmosphere and so we breath it. Superfoods with a twist is interesting and I have heard of the benefits of spirulina and chlorophyl. The particular species of algae used, that helps to neutralize pollutants and oxygenates the blood seems a great discovery and hopefully the company Xelliss with maintain their motto of improving peoples lives and doing the right thing.

  9. Great post!  I enjoyed reading this post, it is very informative.  Unfortunately we live in a toxic world, everything is about money, foods on shelves are treated with toxins to have a longer shelf live, people consume these toxins and are unaware of the fact  that they cause so many health issues. There is also the problem of GMO that is tinkering with food supplies.  Sadly glyphosate is found in some organic foods due to the soil being so badly contaminated that it spreads to healthy rich soils.  I fully agree that foods have lost their nutrients, they are not the same as they were a couple of years ago.  Fortunately there are great supplements available to fill gap.           

  10. Thank you for introducing this amazing product to us. Xeliss range sounds like real super heroes! In this day and age we really need all the help we can get from nature and innovative ways to ensure it reaches the masses are so commendable. I will definitely be looking into these products as I need help while I’m working out  and my weight is always fluctuating. Very informative indeed.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If weight is a concern, I have found the Microbiome product to be extremely helpful. I hope you try the products and get at least as much benefit from them as I have. 

  11. It’s true that superfoods seem to go in and out of style pretty often. There are some that are truly beneficial though and stand the test of time. I have seen an improvement in health in the past with my use of spirulina and chlorella. I haven’t used them in years though. I was worried about the origin and the possibility of contamination due to the nuclear accident in Fukushima in 2011 so I stopped taking it.

    Xelliss sounds safe, though. Perhaps I’ll give it another try.

    • Hi Nicole – thanks for your comments.  The caution when using these products is really important as there are many polluted sources out there.  With Xelliss you don’t need to be concerned about the origin of the products.  Xelliss uses patented photobioreactor technology for vertical farming of algae.  They control the environment and purity so you can be assured that it is safe, consistent, and the best form you can buy.  

  12. The detail about the product being a ‘non-dope’ is really interesting: I didn’t know there was an authority, Sport Protect, to issue certificates stating that a particular product is dope-free. That might be the concern of several athletes because of the competitions: they might check for dope. The article brings a few very interesting points, and yet another one is about ‘vertical farming of algae’, which was pioneered by Xelliss, a nutrition company. Sue Pine does a great job explaining all these so-relevant details to us, and she distributes Xelliss products. Congratulations, Sue Pine.

  13. Thank you for your very interesting article on Xelliss.    I have not tried it yet, but I don’t doubt that it’s very good for one’s health.

    It’s true that not all superfoods keep people’s interest up.  As you say,” usually they are around for awhile and then they die out from lack of interest, or even worse, they don’t work or may even be dangerous.”

    I have had some experience with so-called superfoods that were not really that great, so I can agree with you there.  Some claim to be organic, as you say, but they are not.

    And with the over-cultivating that takes place today, we often don’t get the nutrients we need from our foods.

    I read with fascination the history of Xelliss, a superfood that has stood the test for the past seven years in Europe and is now being brought to North America.   It was fascinating to read how  the founders formed an algae-based nutrition company to research “how algae, virtual farming, and biotechnology could be utilized to create safe, healthy, and natural products.” 

    I have no doubt that, with such a history, the product is truly a super-food of the first quality, and the distributorship opportunity is an excellent one!

    • Thank you, Monique, for sharing your thoughts. I hope you try the products and find them to be as helpful as I have. 

  14. Hello Sue, your article points out one of the most critical food problems: the so claimed, organic food. I personally believe that it’s becoming a massive marketing operation: in the medium term, because of demand, the production will be increased to meet sales objectives and there we go again!!! 

    On the other hand, there are some “small” companies like Xelliss, operating away from the pharmaceutical giants, that bring new hopes on several supplements to help us daily, filling the gaps of our diet/nutrition habits.

    Thank you for sharing.


  15. Thank you for the information on Superfoods, there are so many things out there that are supposed to be good for us, and supposed to help us. How many have tried so many things and get no results, Everythings on the market these days comes with a little twist.No matter what it may be. I think your Superfoods was put together very well. So thanks for the information.


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