Gratitude Enhances Your Life

Gratitude is such an important tool for a peaceful life. Not only does it make your life more peaceful, it also enhances your life in many other ways.

Abundance surrounds us all – especially those of us that live in North America. Regardless of our stations in life, there are many things that come into our lives as blessings. What are you thankful for? Take a moment to think about the things you have received.

Consider the ways that having gratitude makes your life better –

You are more enthusiastic.

Research shows that when subjects recorded what they were thankful for in a journal on a regular basis, they reported having a larger sense of enthusiasm for their life than those who didn’t write about their gratitude. Acknowledge your gratitude. Share with others about the things you appreciate. Post about gratitude on social media. You’ll be glad you did!

You are more determined to achieve your goals.

When you take notice of the good things you have, you’re more likely to put your nose to the grindstone and keep working for whatever else you desire. Appreciating what you have allows you to appreciate the effort it takes to acquire the things you want out of life. Gratitude helps keep you motivated.

Your level of optimism is naturally higher.

According to several studies, those who documented what they were thankful for were much more positive about how their life was going and how it would proceed. Being optimistic will fuel your passion to construct the life you deserve. A positive attitude naturally raises your vibration which keeps you looking up rather than down.

Your energy levels increase.

If you have gratitude, you’ll have more energy to create the life you desire. Being aware of what you’re thankful for galvanizes your efforts to discover all that your life can be. When people have an attitude of entitlement – they feel everyone owes them something, it lowers their energy. They would rather sit and wait than get up and move.

You pay more attention.

Being thankful ensures you’ll be more alert and aware of how your life is going, what you’re doing, and how you can continue to build the life you seek. You begin to notice more good things going on around you. Remember that what you focus on is what you attract.

Your stress levels go down.

As you live a life of gratitude, things that used to stress you out will lose their power. Instead, you’ll be entrenched in the wonderful world you’re living in. Life looks so much better when you are thankful.

You are more content with life.

Those who consciously have gratitude experience reduced levels of depression. They are not constantly feeling like they are missing out or that other people have a better life. When you consciously practice gratitude in all things, you don’t need to compare yourself to others.

You feel like moving more.

Those who show a sense of thankfulness had higher reports of exercising more than those who weren’t aware of all their blessings. You will naturally feel lighter because you aren’t trying to carry the burden of negativity on your shoulders all the time. Keep in mind that exercising, dancing, hiking, or any other activity that gets you moving also raises your vibration.

It’s easier to share with others.

When you notice all the positive things surrounding you, you’ll reach out to help others more often. When your soul is flooded with light and positivity, you’ll feel more like being there for others. Your generosity grows You are more free with your time and with your possessions.

You discover the life you truly want.

As unusual as it may sound, the research about gratitude indicates that those who have thankfulness in their hearts are more likely to achieve their goals. As your thankfulness grows, your dream life is built.

Open your eyes to the bounties that grace your world. When you do, you’ll live a more fulfilling life. Allow yourself to feel passion about the color of the fall leaves, the peacefulness of the snow falling, or the beauty of the blue sky. Notice the feel of a warm coat against your skin or the love in your child’s hug. Maybe you’re even grateful for that first cup of morning coffee.

Get started today on your own gratitude journal. Write about everything that you’re grateful for. As you begin to give thanks, you’ll find your dreams coming true.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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