Meditative Living

You’ve most likely heard of meditation by now. You probably have an idea of what it’s like – sitting quietly for long periods of time, chanting, with incense and special music in the background. Maybe your idea is something totally different, but I’m guessing it involves a significant amount of time, and who has that … Read more

Add more holistic health practices for a peaceful life

As a certified body code and emotion code practitioner, I wanted to share this amazing article with you!  Not my words, but they represent my thoughts.   How to Integrate Holistic Health into Your Daily Life Adding more holistic health practices into your life can be helpful for increased health and happiness! Holistic wellness focuses … Read more

Achieving Big Goals Made Easy

We often hear about setting goals and achieving results. It’s a science. There are some basic steps involved. Forbes has made achieving your goals a simple four step process: Do the research Write SMT (specific, measurable and time specific) goals Get started Achieve and repeat Most people believe, however, that the big goals aren’t so … Read more

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week Each week we will be sharing a new affirmation.  The introductory information will remain the same, but if you are new to affirmations, please check out the first two sections on “What is an Affirmation?” and  “How to Practice Your Affirmation.” If you regularly read … Read more

Five Indicators of a True Friendship

Thank you, W Felderman for filling in the past few days – your posts have been great!  I should be back tomorrow. Five Indicators of a True Friendship You’ve probably realized that friends come and go. In some cases, your interests change as you get older. In other cases, something happens that forces you to … Read more

What Your Dog Wants You to Know About Using Social Media

Thank you again, W. Felderman for another guest post while I’m traveling   What Your Dog Wants You to Know About Using Social Media Social media is a wonderful way to stay in touch with family and friends, but it can have its downside. Numerous studies suggest that overdoing it on Facebook or similar sites … Read more

Swapping Skills: Benefit by Trading Your Experience

Thank you to W. Fielderman for the guest post: Swapping Skills: Benefit by Trading Your Experience With Others One wonderful thing about life is that each of us has our own unique skills and areas of expertise. Maybe you bake better than anyone you know and you can wash a car in 45 minutes flat. … Read more

Choose to Have a Great Day

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, and some are not so good.  In an average day, a seemingly endless number of unexpected events can occur that might create stress, worry, or frustration. Instead of letting these negative emotions take over, what if you were to make a conscious decision to have a great … Read more

Calm the Mental Chatter for a Peaceful Life

We all have a constant companion that is never quiet. It’s what some call “monkey brain,” but I’ll refer to it as mental chatter for this post.  It’s always there.  The mental chatter in our heads starts when we wake up and is still going when we go to sleep. It’s even active during our … Read more

Non-Victim Mindset for a Peaceful Life

Your inner world has a tremendous impact on your circumstances. Your beliefs affect your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Your actions ultimately create your life. If you believe your life is good, it will be good. If you believe things always work out for you, they will work out. Did you ever meet someone who said, … Read more