Choose to Have a Great Day

Life is full of surprises. Some are good, and some are not so good.  In an average day, a seemingly endless number of unexpected events can occur that might create stress, worry, or frustration. Instead of letting these negative emotions take over, what if you were to make a conscious decision to have a great day?

You have a choice!  You are solely responsible for your attitude and your outlook.  Need help getting it where you want it?  Try one (or more) of these:

Set your intention

First thing in the morning, make a conscious decision to have a great day. Think positive thoughts before you get out of bed.  As you’re brushing your teeth, look yourself in the eye. Tell yourself, “I’m going to have a great day,” and mean it. This is your chance to set yourself up for a fantastic day, whether you’ll be with your family, at work, or hanging out with friends.

Stay in charge of your thoughts

You’re taking control of what might have turned into a negative situation when you decide to allow events to just roll on by and not affect you adversely. Take the bull by the horns and state to yourself what you will and won’t do in a challenging situation.  It’s your choice!

Don’t let others steal your joy

Refuse to allow someone or something other than yourself to ruin your day. When you do this, you’re saying “no” to negativity. You’re taking a stand. When you’re resolved in this way, your healthy stubbornness will ensure you have a great day.

Tell yourself, “I choose joy!” and make the conscious decision to stay in control of your thoughts and emotions.

Ask if it’s worth spending time on

Recognize what really matters. When you encounter a challenging situation, prompt yourself to see the bigger picture. If one part of a project isn’t going well, identify that you’ve been in similar circumstances before and will most likely be in them again someday. Know, however, that such situations don’t last, and easy times will come again, too.  Ask yourself, will this really matter in a year? In five years?  If the answer is no, spend your valuable energy elsewhere.

Keep reminding yourself

Remind yourself of the positive. Remember that you still have other things to do today and the trying situation isn’t the only event you’ll encounter. Who knows – before the day is out, you might win the lottery or get that promotion you’ve wanted. Or maybe all the traffic lights will be green on your way home. Whether big or small, positive things are likely to happen today.  Keep reminding yourself that good things are still happening all around you.

Remember life is an adventure

Consider a challenging event as an adventure. When you look back, you’ll find that many prior situations that you were initially disappointed in turned out to be great opportunities for you. Shift your paradigm from “Oh, this is bad” to “This could be interesting.”  Then set your intention to experience and enjoy the adventure. 

Look for the silver lining

Discover the silver lining. What are the positives about a trying situation? You may feel challenged at first to find something positive about a difficult occurrence. However, with some practice, this will become easier. You’ll eventually be able to identify what the real beauty of the tough event is.

When life gets you down, you always have a choice. You can either let yourself be completely overtaken with the weight of your challenge or decide to have a great day. I choose positive – how about you?

Turn negative situations into adventures and seek the silver lining in every challenging event. You have all the power you need within you to make your life as enjoyable as you want it to be!

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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