Avoid Negativity for a Peaceful Life

Does it seem to you like there is a whole lot more negativity in the world lately? Is that ongoing negativity bringing you down? Every day, you’re most likely exposed to a variety of situations. Some, you’ll perceive as positive, others neutral, and some negative. If the unpleasant ones seem to be increasing in your … Read more

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week

Sunday Serenities – A New Affirmation to Start Your Week Each week we will be sharing a new affirmation. The introductory information will remain the same, but if you are new to affirmations, please check out the first two sections on “What is an Affirmation?” and “How to Practice Your Affirmation.” If you regularly read … Read more

Advantages of a Positive Attitude

Life can get challenging and It can be easy to allow yourself to have a negative attitude. However, a positive attitude can change everything. A positive attitude is considered by many experts to be the best predictor of success. Nothing else can impact your success. A good attitude can be difficult to maintain when faced … Read more