Get a Makeover for a Peaceful Life

We all have have an innate desire, whether we realize it or not, to be the person we were created to be.  We try various ways to get there – some work, some not so much.  Until we find that purpose, we will continue to feel unsettled, and a peaceful life will not be an easy thing to come by.

So what’s a person supposed to do?  How about a makeover?  In this day of personal makeovers, we’ve seen people get rid of excess pounds, undergo procedures that are supposed to rejuvenate, and go after their dream career. These are all life changing in one way or another, but a simple alteration of attitudes alone can bring the biggest transformative life experiences for all.

Change your approach

Changing how you approach daily living can help you achieve your ultimate goals. Even if you don’t think you’re in need of a attitude makeover, check out some of the ideas below to discover positive approaches you can take to get the most out of your life. A few of these may even surprise you.

Are you “Stuck” in a Dominant Attitude?

If you find yourself feeling the same way about a variety of situations in life, maybe you’re hanging on to the same attitude.  Do you have those “eye roll moments” where every time you hear about a certain topic, your eyes automatically just roll to the top of your head? If you find yourself with a particular, less-than-positive approach that dominates your life in many or all situations, it may be time for a makeover.

Reflect on Your Feelings

Another way to determine if you need to find a new approach is through simple reflection.  Take time to think about how you feel most of the time. What are your thoughts when you first wake up in the morning?  How do you feel when you go to bed each night.  When you are alone, what is your general mood like?  How would you describe your dominant attitude? Is it contentment, sluggishness, happiness, annoyance, satisfaction, resentment, peace, envy, joy, worry, inquisitiveness, or even anger?

Examine Your Attitude Type

You may have noticed that some peoples’ attitudes are naturally positive, optimistic and motivating. If you’re blessed with a naturally positive dominant attitude, you’re in solid command of your life. You’re most likely already living the good life you desire.

I can confess that I was not naturally positive in my youth, and seeing the people who seemed happy all the time used to give me “eye roll moments” and not the fondest feelings towards them.  I’m thankful today I can honestly say that is not the case anymore for me, but if you notice that a less positive attitude is more pervasive than you like, make the decision now to makeover how you think and feel. I can tell you from experience that it is more than worth the time and effort.

The first step for me was to evaluate where I was and how I felt.  Consider the following more common attitudes, and the ways in which they can detract from the quality of your life:


If you have a sluggish attitude toward life, you’ll find yourself simply plodding along, doing barely what is required to get by. You might take little interest in anything and prop your feet in front of the television at every spare moment. Chances are, you set few, if any, goals, other than the goal of making it through the day so you can go to bed, wake up, and start plodding all over again.  It’s not the most pleasing way to live.


If you find yourself consistently annoyed, you probably rarely feel satisfied with life. Something is usually amiss. When you’re annoyed, you may often sit in judgment of others, whom you see as unable to “do things right.”  You see the problems all around you, but rarely see the real solutions – especially if the solution involves a change in you.


Being resentful involves feeling rankled, troubled and worked up most of the time. When resentment is your dominant attitude, you may feel challenged to manifest positive events in your life and simply refuse to enjoy the ones that do occur. It’s easier for you to stay resentful than to put in the work to be positive.


Feeling envious of others can include wanting what someone else has or feeling spiteful toward or competitive with others. It results in a life of comparison, never being satisfied with your present condition.  My advice is to stop comparing yourself to anyone other than the person you were yesterday.  You will never have to envy again and life will naturally become more positive.


A prevailing attitude of worry means you often experience nagging feelings that things are not quite okay. In advance of an event, you construct many possible scenarios, with few of them leading to a satisfying finish. You worry about what is coming and what could have been.  You miss out on the present moment and the joys that they may bring. Practice living in the moment, realizing that right now is the only thing over which you have any real control.


An angry attitude is exhausting if you have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s your own attitude or someone else’s. When this attitude is dominant, usually there is a general sense of unhappiness.  Not only is it exhausting, it is also unhealthy.  Anger generally affects your liver, gall bladder, and other organs in a negative way.  If you are unable to let go of the anger, find some professional help – a counselor, energy worker, or spiritual advisor – to walk you through the process.

Make Over Your Attitude

Once you determine you might benefit from an attitude makeover, you can get started right away. Whether you believe it or not, you already have all the skills you need to change your challenging state of mind.

Try these strategies to experience the joys of a more positive dominant attitude:

Make a decision

Decide to rid yourself of the attitude that brings you down. Be firm in your decision, and don’t back down when things get a little tougher than expected.

Use reminders

Post reminders on your mirror and refrigerator and in your car to “catch” and let go of your old attitude. Make them positive – like “you’ve got this!”or “you can do this!”  If you are working on a specific attitude, like envy for example, post something like “I have all I need to be a positive person.”

Replace the old

Select a more uplifting attitude as your dominant one. For example, happiness, joy, peace, satisfaction, or contentment as your chief attitude will strengthen your passion for life. When you notice your old attitude creeping in, replace it immediately with a more optimistic, motivating one. Refuse to surrender your power to that old state of mind. Flip the old into the new.

Affirm your new attitude

Apply your new frame of mind and don’t let it go. Every day, say to yourself, “No matter what, I am [your new attitude].” Remind yourself that you’re stronger than your old, ineffective attitude.

If you identified any of the above challenging attitudes as your primary emotional state, you can definitely benefit from an attitude makeover. By following these suggestions, you can begin to enjoy the good life you’ve always wanted.  You will be able to find positivity, and your life will automatically be more peaceful.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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