Live a Peaceful Life while Everyone Else is Losing Their Mind

Have you ever noticed that some people stay calm under pressure much better than others? No matter what seems to be happening, they are always in a state of peace. Nothing really ruffles their feathers. Does that describe you? If not, no worries. Read on for some techniques to help you get there.

Everyone has a different tolerance for stress, but with practice, you can become much more resilient in the face of adversity. Dealing with stressful situations is part genetics and part skill. It’s not so easy to do anything about your genes without a good practitioner or training, but you can certainly enhance your skills!

First and foremost – take care of your body. A calm mind is best supported by a healthy body. What does it take to maintain a healthy body? It’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Begin by eating well. Make sure that you are getting a good, clean, variety of healthy foods as often as possible. Organics are always a good choice, but not always easily available or affordable. Find the best you can, and go from there. Avoid processed foods and sugar, read the labels, and try to stay away from things you can’t pronounce. Start with simple small changes, and enjoy the progress as you go.

Make sure you get enough restful sleep. Establish a routine that allows you to wind down a bit before going to bed. Stay off the electronics, avoid screens, and find something relaxing to do before you settle in at night. Avoid eating for a few hours before bed, unless absolutely necessary.

Get some sort of movement in your life each day. Whether that means going to the gym, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or just taking time to dance around the house – as long as you are moving, your body is going to be happier.

Take time to breathe. Your breathing is the easiest aspect of your physiology that you can control. There are plenty of breathing techniques you can try when you’re feeling stressed. The easiest one is to stop, take a deep inhale, hold it a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. Making your exhales longer than your inhales will help you feel calmer. There are many great breathing techniques you can research, but this one is easy, quick to learn, and quite effective.

Relax your body. When you feel stressed, the rest of your body is carrying that stress right along with you. Take a moment to see if you can find where the stress resides. For some it’s the lower back, some the neck, and some the shoulder. It could be anywhere, but when you find it, give it a gentle message (practice some of the breathing we just talked about) and wait for it to relax. For an extra special treat, get yourself a professional massage when you can. A trained masseuse can identify places we hold stress that we may not even know about.

Always look for the positive. There’s a positive aspect to any negative situation. If you look deeply enough, you will probably find more than one. Many people naturally focus on the negative because that is what is shown on the news, in the movies, and even many popular television shows. Stay away from unnecessary negativity. Instead, look for the positive and you will feel more at ease.

Focus on finding solutions rather than complaining about the issues. When you know that there’s a solution, there’s no reason to worry. Worrying only steals away your peace and takes away from your present. The solution is not always obvious, but it’s always there.

Stay present in your thoughts. This goes along with a lot of what we’ve already talked about, but staying in the here and now keeps your imagination from running off in the wrong direction.

Don’t ruminate on the issues. Instead find a plan, then take action. It can be a simple small step to start, but so long as you start, you have taken back your control. Every small step adds up, and you will begin to build more confidence and greater optimism.

Everyone has problems or issues that cause them stress. Many people will even say stress is unavoidable. No matter what you think, realize that you can take back your life, manage your stress levels, and have that peaceful life you’ve been looking for. You might be surprised by how stress resistant you can become! When you know you can handle all the day to day stresses, problems, and issues with greater comfort, you empower yourself to make positive changes in your health, career, relationships, and happiness.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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