Good health and gracious giving for a peaceful life

We often say we want a more meaningful life. We want to know why we are here. We question what it means to have a good life and to fulfill our purpose – the reason we are here at this place, at this time.

We are looking for answers to bring us peace. One answer on how to have a peaceful life is to live a way that makes you feel good. When we feel good, we are more positive, less stressed, and have a better over all look on life.

Feeling good – not to be confused with feeling well – means that you feel good about where you are on your life journey. You may already know your purpose and be well on your way to accomplishing it, or you may be working on getting rid of the things that are holding you back so you can discover your purpose. It doesn’t matter exactly where you are on your life journey so long as you are moving in the right direction.

In order to feel good, you need to understand what is important to you, what your values are, and how to align what you do each and every day with your value system. For me, personally, good health and gracious giving are two important values that I try to incorporate into everything I do. In fact, my company, Serenities Now LLC, is helping me do just that.

In case you are not familiar with Serenities Now LLC, it is a business that I founded many years ago. I was on an airplane, traveling for work and noticed all the stressed out people around me. It was on that particular business trip that my business was formed to serve people who need a more peaceful life. This looks different to each person so in my business I work one on one with them to find the root cause of what gets in the way of their peace. Then we put together a plan and follow it through, while equipping them with the necessary tools to overcome any obstacles and fears. The end result is a peaceful, purposeful, more fulfilled life so they can pursue their dreams with joy and find balance in their life.

Serenities Now LLC was never intended to become some big multimillion dollar company. It was created to serve. Over the years Serenities Now LLC has donated to multiple causes, one of my favorite being Little Dresses for Africa. Here is one of my favorite photos when a group of us went to Malawi, Africa and I was able to donate supplies for a very special doctor who was working in the villages. Dr. Mwawi needed a microscope to diagnose malaria and SerenitiesNow LLC was able to provide one for her. It is such a blessing to be able to help others, and definitely makes life more peaceful for the giver and the receiver.

One other value of mine is good health. I firmly believe that if we treat our bodies right with good food, healthy movement, and the right living conditions we can live a long and fruitful life. My great-aunt lived until she was ninety-nine years old. She never stopped serving other people. I plan to live longer than that, being able to serve as well.

In today’s world, however, maintaining optimum health can be challenging. We have so many modern conveniences that we are often not as active as we should be. We do a lot of our work virtually, so we tend to have a pretty sedentary work day. Even when we try to eat good healthy foods and drink enough water to stay hydrated, those things are often contaminated and we are totally unaware of what it is doing to our health.

Our food is not as clean and nutritious as it used to be so we need to take supplements to make up for the lost nutrients. Unfortunately, even our supplements are often contaminated or made in a way that our body just can’t absorb them. There are healthy solutions out there, but most people – especially in North America don’t know about them.

I’m happy and proud to announce that Serenities Now LLC has partnered with a European superfoods company to help provide a solution to good health, while making it possible for all who use them to participate in gracious giving. Xelliss is a health and wellness company that specialize in a patented form of pure Spirulina.

The problem with Spirulina is that there are many low quality sources so making sure to have the highest quality is important to maximize it’s many benefits. Xelliss scientists and technicians have developed cutting-edge technology to manufacture their own micro-algae, with extraordinary benefits for cellular health. They do their cultivation in photo bioreactors, a patented and award-winning state-of-the-art technology, to be able to guarantee a micro algae of consistently high quality throughout the year, able to meet the growing nutritional needs of their consumers.

The goal at Xelliss is to create innovative products that satisfy the specific nutritional needs of everyone. Their motto in regard to health and wellness is that prevention is better than reactionary treatments. By skilfully blending ancient natural solutions with cutting edge technology the objective is to open up new possibilities to consumers.

So you may be asking what does Xelliss have to do with helping support causes like Little Dresses for Africa? Here’s the exciting connection! Anyone who purchases a Xelliss product through this link or any Xelliss link on this page will be helping to support the poorest of the poor. All commissions from any sales through the links on this blog post will be donated. Serenities Now LLC will not take in any of the commissions except to pass them on to an organization serving the homeless or the vulnerable in need of food, shelter, or supportive services.

You can improve your health and graciously give to a good cause at the same time. Sounds like a perfect addition to your peaceful life to me.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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