Letting Go for a Peaceful Life

Letting go and forgiving others is an essential tool for a peaceful life. It is not only essential for the peace of the person who receives the forgiveness, but it is essential for you as the person offering the forgiveness.

It’s not always a simple thing to forgive someone. If someone accidentally steps on your toe and immediately says I’m sorry, it’s usually not a big deal to grant the forgiveness. The toe will heal. However, if someone has done something that goes deep to your core, causes you pain and grief, and may not even realize that they’ve done anything wrong – well, that is probably not so simple.

Either way, the forgiveness is essential. We are forgiven based on the way we forgive others. If we want to experience forgiveness, sometimes we just need to make the decision to get past the pain and forgive. There are many tools to help with forgiveness, you just need to be open to learning and using them.

Learning to Forgive

It’s important to learn to forgive. Holding onto grudges or resentments is actually bad for you, more than the person you need to forgive. It can lead to bad moods, depression, and even health conditions. When you hold onto resentment, you allow the thing that has you upset to control your future.

We’ve all heard the old saying to forgive and forget. Well, that may not be something you are able to do at first – and that is okay. We have to process and work through how we feel about what happened. That doesn’t mean we have to wait to forgive until we are over it. In fact, it’s important to forgive so we can work through the issues.

How to Forgive

There’s no set rule on how you should approach forgiveness. There’s no set timetable, you may not even realize that forgiveness is needed. It’s when you realize that you’ve been replaying a situation in your head over and over, it’s time to let it go and forgive.

In order to fully forgive, you also need to allow a change to take place in your life. Find the compassion within to make peace with the past. You’ll feel the change in your heart as you let the resentment go and make room for positive feelings.

This can be especially difficult if the person you’re dealing with seems resistant to change or doesn’t even care about your forgiveness. In this situation, remember that you’re searching for peace for yourself. It isn’t about making the other person feel better; it’s about letting go, not letting the situation control you any more, and making your own peace.

Letting Go

Once you’ve found it in your heart to forgive, it’s time to work on letting go. This step can be so difficult, yet it’s the most important. Letting go simply means that you’re not holding on to it any more. You are making a conscious effort to stop whenever you feel the event come back up, and try to take hold of your thoughts.

If you are having difficulty letting go, try to keep your focus on the here and now. We call this being present. Keep your thoughts or what is happening in this moment in time. Don’t let them wander back to the past. You’ll find that as time goes by, things do get easier to let go.

Remember that letting go is the best thing you can do for yourself. You certainly don’t enjoy holding onto anger and resentment, so why continue? Ask yourself if those feelings are really serving a purpose for you. Then make the choice to forgive and forget. You’ll be glad you did!

An affirmation to help with forgiveness

I forgive quickly.

When someone hurts me, I choose to forgive him or her as a way to free myself from a grudge. Forgiveness allows me to turn the page and end a chapter of bitterness.

As I let go of past hurts, I feel the chains begin to fall and I become a liberated individual at peace with myself.

The sooner I make the decision to forgive, the less time I will have to harbor negativity in my heart. The quicker I get rid of the hurt, the less of it will remain. The healing process may take time, but in the end, the freedom is worth it.

When I forgive quickly, I remove resentment from my mind and get back my ability to focus or concentrate on daily tasks. My relationships flourish because I am unaffected by worry and distraction.

I forgive as fast as I can because I am determined to repel all negativity from my life. I walk through life free from the burden of resentment. Positive thoughts and emotions rule my mind.

Prayer is the tool that enables me to reach the place of forgiveness. When I pray, I am honest with myself about how I feel. I ask for strength and courage to move on with my life without any anger for the offense.

Today, I choose to believe in the possibility of a better future by forgiving those who hurt me. I use my energy to form new relationships with peace of mind and a happy heart.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who do I need to forgive today?

2. Why is it important to forgive quickly?

3. Am I allowing old wounds to keep me from my destiny?

I hope you have found this information helpful. Forgiveness isn’t always easy, but it is worth the effort. Once you can master it, your life will be much more peaceful in all areas.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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