Keep a Peaceful Soul

Sometimes life is more difficult than others.  It doesn’t have to be that anything big and terrible is going on, it can just be that a lot of little things keep grating away.  After a time, it just feels like nothing is right.  That’s when a peaceful soul becomes more important than ever.  A peaceful soul is what gets us through the trying times.

Usually I reserve Sundays for sharing affirmations.  For some reason, today it seemed like someone needed to hear this, so I’m sharing some affirmations along with my thoughts.


When it seems like nothing is right, it is often hard to focus.  However, that is when focus becomes most important so you can put together a plan and address the reasons.  Take a few deep breaths, and tell yourself you can do this.  Then tell yourself, “Difficulties give me an opportunity to exercise my focus and determination. During trying times I concentrate on maintaining a calm soul. This approach helps me to conquer the challenges that face me”.

Choose not to react

It’s natural to feel edgy, or even angry when things aren’t going the way you want.  You may find yourself easily agitated, or wanting to lash out at people for minor things.  Take time to realize that your are in control of your actions.  Ask yourself what is the real reason you are feeling this way, and tell yourself “I avoid being reactive to difficult situations that catch me off guard. While it is easy to allow confrontation to anger me, I choose to take responsibility for my actions.”

Be prepared

We all know that there are going to be difficult times.  It’s a lot easier to deal with them if you have some tools to help when difficulties arise.  Try learning to meditate, find something you enjoy that brings you peace, read inspirational material.  Then when times are tough, tell yourself “I spend a lot of time on nurturing my mind and spirit. I train myself to keep calm when that is the least natural approach. I have what I need already inside of mel to overcome the toughest situations.”

Be still

When my sons were small, and things got out of hand, I would often tell them to take a time out.  They would know to go to the big chair by the window, grab a book or they wanted, and sit down for a bit.  It was time to be quiet and be still.  That same technique works well for adults, too.  Are you getting too stressed about things?  Put yourself in time out and say, “When I encounter inner resistance, I know I need to silence my soul. I take a time out from the stirrings of impatience and anger that pull at me.”

Stay Positive

When turmoil is building, it’s easy to fall into the negativity trap.  People around you are probably complaining, the news and other media are constantly promoting fear and negativity.  Get away from the negativity.  Got or a walk in nature, or somewhere you enjoy being. Use the beauty around you to uplift you and help you find a solution. Remind yourself, “I realize that giving in to negativity only serves to worsen any situation. My focus is on overcoming the challenge at hand by counteracting negativity with positivity and peace.”

Trust yourself

It’s not unusual to doubt yourself when things go wrong.  We often feel like everything is our fault, even though we may have had nothing to do with the issues causing the chaos.  Learn to trust yourself.  You have made it this far, and you are going to figure out how to get through these hard times as well.  Encourage yourself by saying “My wisdom in handling trying times encourages me to act from a place of calm reasoning. When my soul is calm, I am able to think things through. By rejecting unease at my core, I am able to make smart choices that produce finer results.”

Value the experience

As much as we try to avoid the hard times, we know that every difficulty in our lives can become a learning experience if we let it.  Think of it as a step up to the next level.  “With serenity, I can see the value in all my life experiences. Even obstacles become worthwhile and meaningful when seen in this light.”

You’ve got this

You were put here on earth for a reason.  You have all the tools inside of you that you need to succeed.  Know that you are strong, smart, and able to make it through anything that tries to interfere with that purpose.  Tell yourself, “Today, I am a conqueror. I can overcome any obstacle that tries to interfere with my purpose.”

Find your purpose – find your joy!


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