Get in Touch with your Subconscious Mind

Do you have things that you really, really want in your life but can’t seem to obtain? You might think that you want to be wealthy, slender, or to find the person of your dreams. You do all the things in the self-help books, pray, visualize, do affirmations, and even try manifesting. Nothing seems to work. You know you really, really want it, but deep down inside of you, there could be something that has other ideas of its own.

What we are talking about here is your subconscious mind. We all recognize our conscious mind – the part of our brain that we use for making logical decisions, analyzing data, and making informed decisions. It’s also where we keep our “willpower.” (If you have issues with “willpower,” you can thank your subconscious mind.)

Our subconscious mind is the database of our life. It stores every thought, feeling, and response we have ever had. It guides our autonomic nervous system which is what lets us breathe without having to think about taking each individual breath and is responsible for control of other bodily functions such as heartbeat, blood flow, organ function and digestive processes. It is where we form and store our emotions and beliefs.

As you can see, the subconscious has a really big job, and it is basically controlling most aspects of your life. It can be a true friend or an unintended foe. The reason being that your subconscious has the very important job of keeping you alive and safe, regardless of how much grief it might cause you.

The subconscious also is not fond of change. It likes the same thing day after day. It loves repetition and habits. While you might be working super hard to change your current situation, your subconscious might believe that any change is potentially hazardous. This will cause it to fight against whatever you are trying to accomplish whether it is a good thing or not.

So what’s a body to do when you find yourself stuck and unable to create any positive change in your life? It’s time to admit and address the fact that your subconscious might actually be fighting against your best efforts.

Imagine having all of your brain on your side – your conscious and your subconscious both. You’d attack every goal you have with enthusiasm. You wouldn’t have to force yourself to do anything related to your goals again. You could set up useful systems, and carry them out to completion. Success would be your partner. Everything could just flow.

Here are a few ideas to learn to negotiate with your subconscious and enlist it’s help when you want to change your life for the better.

Be aware that your subconscious is constantly communicating with you. It does so through body feelings, emotions, and other sensations. It’s that queasy feeling in your stomach, that feeling of dread, and the sound of blood pounding in your ears.

When you think about eating a hot fudge sundae or jumping from an airplane, you’re receiving a message from your subconscious. However, just because you’re receiving a message doesn’t mean you should follow it. Think of the communication as a suggestion. It’s your job to determine if the message is a good one or not. That’s where your conscious mind comes in – that logical, analytical piece.

Get to know your subconscious better. Use the power of the pen. Writing can be a great way to get a clearer message to and from your subconscious. Suppose you wanted to know the purpose of your life. You would simply write, “The purpose of my life” on the top of a page in a notebook. Then, write down whatever pops into your mind. Maybe you want to answer a less lofty question, such as how can we swing a summer vacation. Use the same process.

You might think, “This is dumb.” Write it down. Keep writing your thoughts for at least 20 minutes. When you hit on something that feels meaningful, circle it. You’ll intuitively know when you’ve hit on the right answer for you. The feeling is quite clear. Don’t stop after the first meaningful thought, there are plenty more waiting to come out. Keep going – avoid giving up too soon.

Talk to your subconscious. Suppose you find it hard to earn and save money. There is a reason for that. There’s part of you that either believes having money is bad, or that having little money is good.

Find an hour you can spend alone. Ask yourself questions and listen to the answers. Your mind must be still for this. It’s important to be relaxed. Speak to your subconscious like it’s a friend.

You could ask yourself, “Why are you preventing us from making more money?” or “What are you trying to accomplish by keeping us poor?” “What do you think would happen if we had more money?” Listen to the answers and write them down.

Once you have your answers, you can negotiate a compromise. Maybe your subconscious believes that having too much money would be selfish. You could ask if giving 10% of your earnings to charity would be acceptable. Find a solution and propose it. Listen to the answer.

Are you stuck? Maybe your subconscious is to blame. Your subconscious is trying to keep you safe, but it’s not always intelligent. It has been tainted by your negative experiences as a child and your erroneous beliefs.

It’s important to know how to skillfully negotiate with your subconscious. The subconscious always wins, so be sure to get it on your side. Fighting with yourself is the biggest obstacle of all.

There are other ways to access the subconscious such as kinesiology or muscle testing, and playing the twenty questions game by asking yes or no questions.

That are also some amazing healing modalities such as the Emotion Code and the Body Code that can help access the subconscious and release any blocks that may have been formed that are preventing you from accomplishing your purpose. You can learn these modalities yourself, or use a certified practitioner. We’ll talk more about these modalities in the future.

Remember that your subconscious is there to protect you, and it is doing the best it knows how. Get to know it and understand it better. Make it your ally, and let that conscious and subconscious mind help you obtain the life you are dreaming of today and in the future.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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