It’s okay to be Flawsome

Flawsome – you may never have heard that term before, but it is a perfectly good way to describe the way I feel many days. I know I am flawed, but I also know that I am a daughter of the Creation, so that makes me awesome.

Flawsome – a combination of flawed and awesome. Get it?

I’m pretty sure we all have a little Flawsome insisted of us. Do you ever have those times when you’re not at the top of your game? In chapter one of You vs. You written by Todd Michael Cahill, he writes about how everyone tries to have that perfect on line persona. When people look at social media sites, it rarely matches reality. Isn’t that the truth? I know I haven’t put my worst moments online, and usually it’s tempting to only post the best of the best.

The truth of the matter is that we all have our moments. We all like to look good, but there is nothing wrong with being real. If you want to be authentic, post what you authentically want to share. Be careful, though, as once it is online, you can’t take it back. You may not want to share the deep dark secrets from Uncle Lester, but it’s okay to share that today has been trickier than normal. Use good judgment, but try to be real. It helps those around you to be more real themselves.

There is nothing at all wrong with being Flawsome, so long as you are working on yourself. We are human, and will never be one hundred percent perfect, but we can strive to be the best human we are capable of becoming. I know that is my desire. I want to transform into the person my Creator designed me to be. How about you?

If you answered yes, congratulations! Now – what’s your plan to get there? It’s important to make a plan, and stick with it. Know your values, know your purpose, and set the plan. If you don’t really have a clue, please look at a few of my other blogs for some ideas. To get you started, may I share with you a little of what I am doing?

The first thing I am doing is becoming more focused on gratitude. When I wake in the morning, I immediately find a positive focus, being thankful for the sleep, and thankful for waking up. When I’m doing my morning routine, I write three things each day in my gratitude journal. I make an effort to let three to five people know each day how much I appreciate them with a gratitude text, a kind word, or any way I can think of to say thank you. As I go to bed each night, I thank my Creator and let Him know I am grateful. When you focus on gratitude, you automatically find more things for which to be thankful.

Another thing I am working on (and this is hard for me) is living in a judgment free zone. That means I am not making judgments about other people. That is not my responsibility, and I am only responsible to look at my life and ensure it is the way it should be. I don’t know what is going on in other peoples’ worlds other than what I see or hear. I am not living their life, therefore I don’t know their heart. Living judgment free allows me more time to work on myself.

The last thing I want to share that I am practicing is non-attachment. If you are not familiar with non-attachment, it is just what it says – not being attached to the results. I know that no matter what happens it is going to work out for the good, so I am not going to fret or worry about the results. When you can let go of the results, you can focus on the present. What you are doing may or may not come out the way you wanted or expected, in fact I’ve had some things that came out way better than I could have hoped for. Had I been trying to control the results, I would have missed the blessing.

So, remember that it is okay to be flawsome, so long as you are not going to stay focused on the flaw part. Direct your focus to the awesome! Try one of the tools for a more peaceful life that I mentioned above, and stick with it for at least thirty days. Once it becomes a habit, look for the next thing to implement. Soon you will have a full box of peaceful life tools, be more focused, and much closer to transforming into the person you were created to be.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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Did you find a few more ideas of your own? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments, and as always please reach out with your thoughts.

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