Find your purpose for a more Peaceful Life

Today let’s explore what may be the single most important tools for a peaceful life. It starts as a yes or no question, and there is not right or wrong answer. You just need to be open to considering what to do with your answer. Here’s the billion dollar question: Do you understand the purpose … Read more

How to Discover Your True Purpose

If you’ve followed me for any length of time (if so, thank you), you’ve probably seen the phrase, “find your purpose – find your joy!” more than once. However, I’ve noticed that many people don’t know now to find their purpose. In my humble opinion, you will find your purpose once you understand your passions … Read more

Why I help You find your purpose – find your joy!

Today I wanted to share a little about me in case you’re wondering who I am and why I do what I do. Helping people find their purpose and find their joy is what I love to do!  It is my true joy and my calling.  I get so much satisfaction from helping my clients … Read more