Saying Thank You – A Tool for a Peaceful Life

For my followers on, you may recognize this from a post done in August of 2017.  I thought the message was worth sharing here as well.

Say thank you every morning 

Today I want to share with you one of the tools that has helped me the most on my adventure from Chaos to Calm.  This practice has helped me stay grounded even when things seemed to be crumbling all around and I didn’t see a solution.  I call this tool my daily gratitude practice.

Get a journal or notebook

The first thing I recommend is that you get yourself a small notebook or journal.  Make sure it is something sturdy, something you like, and something big enough to use every day for several months.  You may be tempted to use your phone or computer, but I would really discourage you from using electronics in this practice.  There is a connection between physically writing and your thought process that gets lost when you are typing or keyboarding.

Once you have your journal, put it in a place that you will see it first thing when you get up in the morning.  Make sure you have a pen or pencil with it – one that won’t disappear.  Before you go to sleep at night, double check that it is still there.

Let’s get started

Here’s the actual practice:  When you wake up each morning, take your first few minutes to reflect on three things you are thankful for.  Then, pull out your gratitude journal, write in the date, then write the three things you’ve been reflecting on.  It can be just a couple words, or a paragraph – just go with the flow.  Since we all have so much to be thankful for, try not to repeat the things you’ve already written in your journal.

Expect your results

A couple great things happen from this practice.  First of all, you wake up in a grateful state each day, secondly you realize how many things you have to be thankful for, and third – when you are feeling down, take some time to read through your daily entries.  Reminding yourself about all you have is a great way to lift your spirits!

Try this gratitude practice for at least three weeks, and let me know what you think.

A special affirmation on just for you

Here is an affirmation you can add to your morning routine to have a more peaceful, grounded day:

I make the most of each moment.

Living in the present makes my journey through life exciting. I absorb the totality of each moment, breathing in the fullness of life and breathing out any negativity that threatens to creep in.

I let go of any worries coming from my past or regarding my future because when I focus on the present moment, there is no past or future. There is only now!

If my mind tries to wander, I stop and ask myself, “Where are you?” I answer, “Here.” The question continues: “What time is it?”  My answer is, “Now.” These two simple questions get me back fully to the present moment.

I know that each moment of my life is unique and will never happen again. Only by paying attention to this moment can I claim the full benefits of it. If I am distracted, this fleeting moment will simply disappear into the sands of time, leaving no trace of its presence.

Living in the present enables me to enjoy everything life has to offer. I purposely take time to “stop and smell the roses.” I love the majesty of the dawn, the aroma of brewing coffee, and the beauty of fresh flowers. I revel in the caress of a loved one and share in their smiles of joy.

I also find more beneficial opportunities by living in the moment. My total focus allows me to recognize opportunities and take swift action.

Today, I intend to have total focus on each moment so I can enjoy my day to its absolute fullest.

Find your purpose – find your joy

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