Living a Peaceful Life when Life’s not so Peaceful

So, lately my personal life has not been what most people would consider peaceful. Do you ever feel that way?

Let me explain a bit. I was deeply affected by a death of a close family member, then an investment I made wasn’t as lucrative as I was led to believe it would be, then an organization I believed in, had committed to, and supported heavily went belly up. Those are probably just the top three things from the last three months. Since I don’t want this to be about complaining or for it to turn into a pity party, that’s enough about what’s been going on with me personally.

However, when you combine what’s been going on in my personal life with the things I observe in public – such as the way the pandemic is being handled in the majority of the developed nations, the extreme levels of anger and outrage publicly being displayed for all types of reasons (many of which don’t warrant the drama in my opinion), and the general air of negativity that seems to be increasing, even I might wonder about life being peaceful.

Wonder is one thing, but I can assure you – in spite of all I just mentioned – I still consider myself to have a peaceful life. Here are some reasons why:

Every day I wake up with the freedom to make a choice how I will experience my day. I can choose to be grumpy and listen to all the negativity (but why would I?) or I can choose to be positive, put on my rose colored glasses, and look for the good. I may sound like a stuck record (does anyone younger than forty even know what that means anymore?), but like attracts like – so if I want more positive, I need to exude more positive.

At least twice a day, I make a focused effort to list, in writing, things that make me thankful. They can be anything – from the insignificant thanks for being able to open a tight jar lid, to the epic gratitude for a child getting his dream job. The very act of making time twice a day to write this down reinforces how much I have to be grateful for.

When I consider the issues that may seem to be “problems” at first, I realize that is the grand scheme of things they aren’t all that big of a deal. Sure, they may be extremely painful, or cumbersome, or burdensome. No one enjoys that, but I can honestly say that I have had to deal with some biggies in the past, and I’m still here. I’ll probably still be here after the new issues are resolved as well.

Modern technology has made almost anything I want to know, research, or review available to me. I can find good things or not so good things. I choose to find the things that will stimulate my brain, help me grow, and deepen my understanding so I can fully live out my purpose. I do this because I can. Having the freedom to choose is one of the greatest tools I have in my toolbox for a peaceful life.

Knowing that everything works together for good, I can look for the lessons in the trials I’ve experienced recently. I can learn what not to do so I don’t repeat the lesson. I can learn how to deal with it peacefully so I am able to share with someone else who may be struggling with a similar issue. I find peace in knowing that these lessons are preparing me to be the person I was created to be.

Finally, no matter what is going on in the world, I know that I am not in charge and neither are any of the people who think they are. I know my Creator has it under control and things are going to work out exactly the right way at exactly the right time. Many will be surprised, and many others will just know that it was coming and it is finally finished.

I hope that this short post has given you some encouragement and will help you reflect on your current situation in a way that will help you find your peace as well Feel free to reach out via comment or email if you’re struggling and would like to chat.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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