Transform Yourself from the Inside Out

Success comes from within

But what happens when the within is missing something important?  You know – you have all these good ideas, great intentions, and potential – but at the end of the day you’re still sitting on the couch.  That’s how I used to be.  I thought I was just lazy, or lacking motivation.  Maybe success wasn’t on my list of things I really could accomplish some day.  I felt discouraged, embarrassed, like a failure.  That’s not a good place to be,

My friend Glenda knew something different about me.  She knew I could be better, and she had more faith in me than I did.  Thanks to Glenda, I’m currently enrolled in the InsideOut Institute and it is really helping me in so many ways. It may or may not be for you, but I felt I should share the opportunity.

Here is the info from the InsideOut Institute:

“The InsideOut Institute! Is building the worlds fastest growing Life Transforming Organization of its kind.    Currently we are specifically looking for Coaches, EC/BC Practitioners and Entrepreneurs who are ready to take massive action in helping us transform the planet in rapid succession.

Yes, there is a cost to partner with us, a 16-26 week vetting process. All of our coaches earn extremely good hourly rates and we expect them to be working 1-30 hrs a week with clients after their completion of our accreditation process. If you truly want to help others and simply require a platform to operate from, then I invite you to join us. The only requirement we have is your ability to follow simple instructions and be kind.”

If you’re interested, or just curious, here’s a link for more info. Please add my name (Sue Pine) as the person who referred you.

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