You Can Enjoy those Household Chores!

True confessions here – some chores around the house are boring no matter how I look at them. People (who will not be named here) tell me, however, that doing work around the house can actually be fun. Think Mary Poppins and her “spoon full of sugar.” If you’re open to try the some creative thinking, you may actually enjoy yourself while you’re being productive. Just keep an open mind as you search for creative ideas.

Here are some suggestions for having fun being productive at home:

Listen to music. If you put on some of your favorite tunes, you might find that the job becomes much more enjoyable. This works especially well for the types of tasks that don’t involve much thinking, like washing dishes, doing laundry, or cleaning. You can concentrate on the music while you work.

Try not to look at it as all the filling that has built up – think of it more as rganizing your memories. Looking for a productive way to spend a rainy day? Take some time to organize your memories.  Put away the excess paperwork.Sort through the photos and put them in an album. Start a scrapbook. Reminisce about the good memories while you work.

Work with friends. Gather family members and friends to help you out. You’ll find that it’s difficult to be bored when there are people around to talk to. Reward your friends with their favorite takeout or a pizza party after the job is done.

Give yourself a break. Every now and then, it’s important to give yourself a break. Frequent small breaks can actually increase your productivity. Your concentration on the task at hand will increase because you can defer distractions until the upcoming break time.

Find a way to reward yourself. If you have to complete a task that seems overwhelming, first break it down into manageable tasks, and give yourself a small reward for completing each step. If you’re working on something big, give yourself a big reward after you’re finished.

Make it a game. Think about the task at hand. How can you make it into a game? Maybe you can try to see how productive you can be in a certain amount of time. Enlist the help of others and create a good-natured competition. Before you know it, the task will be completed!

Tired of cooking everyday? Make a special meal. Learn to cook new recipes so that you can provide delicious meals for your family. It hardly feels like work if you’re cooking up the foods you love. Later, you can tweak the recipes to make them your own.

Not crazy about routine yard work like mowing, edging, etc.?  Try gardening. Gardening is a wonderful way to stay active while enjoying the outdoors. You can also take pride in choosing what to plant, tending your garden, and watching it grow. A garden enhances the beauty of your home and may even increase its value. It also cuts down on the amount of grass you have to cut each week.

Sell items you don’t need. You can eliminate clutter from your home by selling items you don’t need. You can sell your stuff on the internet using sites like eBay or Craigslist or have a yard sale. You’ll love the feeling of freedom that comes with the extra space in the house, and you may even pick up a few extra bucks in the process. If you really don’t want to deal with selling, then donate to a charity or help friends or neighbors that might need something you already have.

Even if you really don’t like the idea of day to day housework, yard work, cooking, or any of the domestic arts, with the right mindset, you can make most household tasks enjoyable. Ask yourself how to make your boring tasks more fun, take some creative action, and you’ll never look at your household tasks the same again.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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