Stop those Food Cravings

FYI – I published this blog a year or so ago, but it just seems appropriate today more than ever. Holiday stresses and the readily availability of sweets and comfort foods are a sure formula to fall back into the cycle of self medicating with food if we allow ourselves to go there.


Do you ever have food cravings that just won’t go away? A lot of food cravings occur during periods of stress. Other times there may be a nutritional issue. Most often thought, they are not the best foods for us. What are your go to foods when you get the nibbles? 

Many people will say they love their sweets. They love the sweet taste, and the resulting sugar high. However, when you consume sweets, you’re feeling of elation isn’t the only thing that’s high, so is your blood glucose. When you give in to your cravings and chow down on those decadent sweets, your blood glucose goes off the charts which will leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and out of energy later.

Some people (me included) love the salty, crispy snacks. Fiona Tuck explained in a recent Huffington Post article “When we are stressed our nervous system and adrenal glands (the glands that sit on top of our kidneys) have to work harder, this means that the body uses up more sodium and this is why we often crave salty, crunchy foods when we are under stress.”

Here are a few things to consider if you are trying to get food cravings under control.

Take the time for healthier food

There’s no secret in this fast paced society, it’s really easy and convenient to get Your food on the go. Most of the time that fast food is filled up with sugar and fat and cheap ingredients. Have you ever questioned why you crave sugar after you consumed a “healthy” meal? Probably not, but how soon do you want something more to eat after a junk food meal?

Take some time daily to nourish your body, and this means take the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals at home. This way you know precisely what’s going in your mouth and can control your dietary intake.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating well means eating a balanced diet rather than cutting out various nutrients or entire food groups from your daily food intake just to quickly lose a couple of pounds. Adjust the time of day you’re eating, as well as the portion sizes you’re eating. Chew slowly and take your time while eating to improve your digestion and a better body. Focus on eating, don’t watch television or spend time on your phone.

Spice it up

I know you’re trying to watch your figure, but sacrificing your taste buds is just not the most beneficial solution. Eating bland and tasteless food for days will increase your cravings for food. Search for healthy recipes on line or find some cooki books to try different sorts of food with different spices and herbs to sizzle your taste buds with delight.

Drink lots of water

Many times we mistake thirst for hunger. Next time you feel like you really need something to eat, stop for a moment and drink a glass of water. If you still feel like you need something after you have had a full glass of water, then go ahead and find a healthy snack. Even if you eat something, you have at least helped with your water intake for the day. Most adults don’t get enough good pure water each day. (Coffee, alcohol, and sodas don’t count.)

Move more

Instead of reaching for the bag of chips in your spare time, go for a walk instead. Most of the time, you’re probably eating because you’re bored, you’re avoiding something, or you have nothing else to do. Your mind is trying to trick you and tell you that you need a snack to satisfy your craving. Consider, though, that you just might need to burn off some energy. A brisk walk, some exercise, or any movement can help the craving go away.

Sometimes it’s hard to stop cravings, and if you utterly must have that piece of chocolate, go for it. But, don’t gorge. Take a small bite, savor it, and then move on try to eat less every time you feel like having some sweets, If you are able, find an acceptable substitute. Try to convince yourself to go for a sweet and juicy piece of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. Once you stop food cravings, you’ll feel happier, more energized and balanced.

One final note – if you do give into your cravings, extend yourself some grace. Forgive yourself, and do better next time. Giving in to a craving now and then isn’t the end of the world. Just keep working at it, don’t quit trying, and you will get there.

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