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If you are anything like me, there are so many distractions going on around me, I sometimes have a hard time staying with the task I’m trying to accomplish. I try to focus, but then it seems an even greater distraction comes along. Wouldn’t you love to live distraction free and have more focus in life? It would surely make for a more peaceful life.

Don’t you admire those people who have the ability to concentrate and stay focused no matter what? Whether they’re training for the Olympics or solving a great societal problem, nothing gets in their way. These “super humans” with such great focus have discovered something very important: If you’re focused on a goal, you can exercise you willpower and time to be able to reach the finish line.

You may be asking, “can you really create focus just by willing yourself to have it? Or is this trait that some people are born with and others are not, and that’s just the way it is?

It’s All About Passion

I think if we beak it down to the basics, the real secret is that truly caring is the foundation of focus. The more passion you have for a cause or a project, the easier it is for you to pay attention to it. Focusing on something that holds no meaning to you can be very challenging, and is probably a waste of your time.

Take a look at something really spectacular that you’ve done, it probably involved something that you cared about very deeply. This isn’t just a coincidence. Focus isn’t just about paying attention and staying on track, it’s also about passion.

Notice the people you know who really struggle with their life. You’re likely to find that they haven’t found something outside of themself to really care about. If someone finds themselves in this position, they can really suffer. However, when someone is able to listen to their heart and truly find something they’re passionate about, self fulfillment and personal happiness is often the result. Does that sound good to you?

Ask yourself what touches your soul – what reaches deep down inside and grabs your heart or your gut. Is it the images of poverty and struggle? Is it music? Is it making a difference in the health of others? Can you imagine the focus and clarity you’d experience if you spent the majority of your time on the thing or things that matter to you the most?

Caring puts you into the perfect state of mind. You’re stimulated enough to take real action, but not to the point of feeling apprehensive or overwhelmed. In fact, when you truly care, it’s harder to just sit back and not take action! You are motivated to take action and if you don’t, you can’t find your peace.

Finding Your Passion (And Your Focus)

So now that you know that really caring about a cause will help you focus, let’s get back to finding the thing that you care about the most.

Use these two simple steps to find your passion (and your focus):

First, make a list of the things that you’re truly passionate about. These aren’t necessarily the fun little things you like to do when you have some free time, though they might be. These are the things that you consider to be most important, the worldwide challenges you would fix if you were given a wish. They should be things that fascinate you so much that you’d gladly spend your life studying them.

Second, organize your list. Put the items on your list in order by the amount of passion you feel when you imagine yourself being part of each one.  If there is nothing on your list yet that really moves your heart, keep writing. Don’t stop until you’ve found the one that does. You’ll know your passion when you see it.

Using Your List to Your Advantage

Now that you have your list, ask yourself how much discipline would be required to be part of those items. Would you have to force yourself to focus on them? Or does the mere fact that you care about those items so much simply result in focus? Although each item will certainly involve times when you have to enlist some self-discipline, the big ones won’t take much.

Take your list and make it an essential part of the way you live your life. What is the number one thing on your list, the reason you are here? Ask yourself, whenever you start a new endeavor, if this new thing will help you accomplish the reason you were put on this planet? If not, then ask yourself why you are doing it.

If you feel it’s a challenge to focus on your career, relationship, or any other part of your life, that’s a great sign that something needs to change. Go to your list for ideas and options. What can you do to support yourself, while still being aligned with the things that matter the most?

If you are unhappy in your current job – even if it pays well and has its perks, challenge yourself to find a new career that aligns with your list, fills you with a sense of accomplishment towards your purpose, and you’ll never have to “work” another day again. Every day will be a joy. Live your passion, follow your purpose, and notice how your peace improves. It is so worth it.

Find your purpose – find your joy!

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