Peaceful sleep is mine

Peaceful sleep is mine each evening.  Here is an evening affirmation for you so peaceful sleep can be yours, too!

For me, a good night of sleep begins with having a full and productive day – both at work and at home. I find time to do things that fulfill me and allow me to feel that I have accomplished a lot.

Knowing that I spent the day productively puts my mind at ease and makes me feel relaxed in the evening.

My evening routine relaxes me further and prepares my mind and body for sleep.

I spend some time each night doing whatever I want. I cherish this time and use it to my advantage. Doing what I enjoy relaxes me and helps renew me for the following day.

I make my plan for the next day and then put it out of my mind. I can rest comfortably because I am confident that I have done all I can to prepare.

I avoid eating or drinking too much before bed. I also avoid caffeine or other stimulants in the evening. These things can negatively affect the quality of my sleep, so I stay away from them before bedtime.

My bed and bedroom are neat and comfortable. I arrange my bedroom in a way that pleases me. I keep it at the ideal temperature for a good night of sleep. I turn off all electronics. It is quiet and dark.

Today, I am proactive when it comes to my sleep. I establish habits that set up a peaceful night of sleep and allow me to wake up fully alert and refreshed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to improve the quality of my sleep?

2. How would my life change if I slept better each night?

3. What am I doing that lessens my ability to sleep well?

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